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Magic Descaler Cleaner 


Is your kettle noisy or looking old and in need of a clean?


After using this product for the very first time you too will believe "IT'S MAGIC"


This Amazing Descaler:

  • Descales & clean your appliances
  • Great for kettles, urns and steam ovens
  • Cleans dishwashers and shower heads
  • Amazing cleaning power for espresso coffee machines 
  • Perfect for baby sterilizers and steam irons
  • Great cleaner and descaling of many appliances 
  • Also removes built up lime scale
  • Improves efficiency
  • Leaving the inside of your appliance looking like new
  • Also a sanitiser and great for cleaning water coolers
  • It is a non hazardous, non toxic, biodegradable descaler
  • Perfect as it is Septic and Grey Water Safe
  • 2 x 40g sachets
  • Sold to many 5 Star Hotels who swear by it
  • Use 1 sachet it a few times to get good value from each sachet
  • We will send via Australia Post without any tracking
  • Australian Made by Rubbendin
  • Guaranteed to clean and impress
  • Proven time and time again to be the best product on the market


You will be surprised how well it works, you will be back for more


How to descale your appliances:

Many people like to try traditional methods of descaling like lemon, bicarb soda or vinegar. Using these ingredients can damage the appliance (e.g vinegar will damage a coffee machine) as well as leave a bad taste. Traditional methods can take a lot longer to work (e.g vinegar will take approximately 1 hour) and don't perform as well as specialised descaling products.

Harsh acids, like sulphamic acid can also have a very damaging affect on some appliances. Sulphamic acid can also be hazardous and corrossive.

Descale Magic is formulated to work quicker, be more efficient while being gentle on your appliances. And the effect will last considerably longer than traditional descaling methods.


For Kettles and Urns:
1.Stir and dissolve the contents of one sachet in 1 litre of WARM water (use 2 sachets for urns).
2.Add dissolved solution to appliance ensuring that the element and scaled surfaces are completely covered. Add additional water if required.
3.Bring appliance to boil once and allow to react for 5 minutes. NOTE: to warn others that cleaning is in progress place empty sachet in spout of appliance so it is visible from the outside.
4.Empty appliance and rinse thoroughly before use.

For Coffee Machines:

Refer to the user manual supplied with your coffee machine for instructions specified for your machine.
1.Stir and dissolve the contents of one sachet in 1 litre of WARM water.
2.Add dissolved solution to water compartment.
3.Run approximately 200ml of the solution through the brew cycle into a cup.
4.Run approximately 200ml of the solution through the steam wand (if fitted) into a cup.
5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all the solution is used. Allow the machine to sit for 10 minutes between each cycle.
6.Rinse the machine by running one full compartment of clean water through the machine or until the water is clear.

For Steam Irons:
1.Dissolve one sachet into 1 litre of WARM water.
2.Heat iron until it is hand hot and then unplug.
3.Fill iron with Descale Magic solution.
4.Turn steam control to "steam".
5.Lay iron flat over a dish to catch discharged liquid.
6.Shake gently, leave for 10 minutes (or until empty). Briefly pump spray button to drain any remaining solution.
7.Rinse thoroughly with cold water, drain and wipe baseplate clean.
8.If the steam holes are not clean, repeat steps 1 to 7.

For Shower Heads:
1.Detach shower head and place into a bowl or bucket.
2.Dissolve one sachet into 1ltr of WARM water.
3.Pour solution over shower head until completely immersed.
4.Leave for 10-15 minutes.
5.Discard solution, wash shower head with clean water and reattach.

For Dishwashers:
1.Empty all items from the dishwasher and clean waste filters.
2.Fill the detergent dispenser with sachet contents to normal level and sprinkle any sachet remnants on the inside base of the dishwasher.
3.Run on normal cycle.
4.After cycle completed, wipe clean in and around the door seals and edges.

For Water Coolers:
1.Refer to your user manual for care and cleaning instructions.
2.When water bottle is empty, remove it and drain the water reservoir.
3.Dissolve one sachet into 1ltr of WARM water.
4.Pour solution into water cooler reservoir.
5.Leave for 5-10 minutes. NOTE: To warn other that a clean is in process, place empty sachet onto machine, making it visible for others to see.
6.Empty reservoir using the cooler spout/tap.
7.When empty, rinse with 1ltr of clean water through the cooler.
8.Repeat step 7
9.Replace new water bottle and use as normal.

For Baby Sterilisers:
1.Empty steriliser completely.
2.Dissolve one sachet into 1ltr of WARM water.
3.Fill steriliser to normal level with solution.
4.Run sterilser through a normal cycle.
5.Once complete, discard solution from steriliser.
6.Thoroughly rinse steriliser.

NOTE: Vinegar can leave a residue in your sterilser that may affect the taste in the baby bottle.

For Steam Ovens:
1.Dissolve one sachet of Descale Magic into 1ltr of water.
2.Follow the descaling instructions listed under "Cleaning and Care" in your appliance manual.


Brand Rubbendin
Type Coffee Descaler
Item Depth 2mm
Custom Bundle No
Compatible Brand For Bialetti
Capacity Does not apply
Power Source Does not apply
Bundle description Does not apply
item width 80mm
Product Capacity 2 x Sachets 40gms/ea
Material non natural
Compatible Model For Bialetti
Item Weight 40 grams
Suitable For Epresso Machine, Kettles, Urns, Steam Ovens
Item Height 115mm

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