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Scanpan New Classic 3 Stage Step Ceramic Knife Sharpener 


This SCANPAN 3 Step Sharpener makes sharpening in 3 easy steps

Professional Scanpan Knife Sharpener:

  • Scanpan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Danish kitchenware
  • Comprises 3 stages sharpening
  • Stage 1 features tungsten steel to re-align the blade edge to the ultimate 20 degree angle
  • Stage 2 features diamond steel which hones the blade
  • Stage 3 features ceramic fingers which polish and maintain the razor sharp blade
  • SCANPAN’s started in 1956
  • Easy to use
  • Scanpan 3 Stage Blade Sharpener In-built Tungsten, Diamond and Ceramic Hones
  • Restores dull blade to a razor’s edge
  • Tungsten sharpening plates remove any small burrs and nicks on the blade
  • The diamond sharpener creates a finer edge preparing the surface for the final stage of sharpening
  • Creates a razor sharp edge by polishing the blade to a very fine point
  • Great for the home kitchen
  • Used by many Chefs
  • Proven to work everytime
  • Guarantee to produce a great result
  • Production Dimensions Length:18cm High: 9cm Width:8cm


1. Place the SCANPAN 3 step knife sharpener on a flat surface.
2. To keep the knife sharpener steady, firmly grip the handle with one hand.
3. Hold the knife with your forefinger on the back of the knife, and place the knife blade vertically into a groove and move the blade back and forth with slight pressure 15 or 20 times, or as necessary. NO HEAVY PRESSURE IS NECESSARY.
For blunt knives (12 months or older without sharpening) use steps 1, 2 and 3.
Every 2 to 3 months use steps 2 and 3.

For everyday use step 3.

Brand Scanpan
Colour Black
Type Fix-Angle Sharpener
MPN 18087
Brand Scanpan Knife Sharpener
Material Ceramic

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